Are you thinking about the ‘H’ of Health but you get the ‘H’ of Hustle?
Are you thinking about the ‘S’ of Step out from Dietary diseases but you always get ‘S’ of stress?
Don’t worry,
We’re just here for you!!!
We’re operating the complete ECOSYSTEM for your personalized diet food.

As of now, they can advise you what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat, yet many slick-theme fail to follow through owing to hectic schedules, time constraints, and a variety of other factors

To spread our flame even further and make their lives simpler, we created FITSHIELD, where individuals can receive freshly cooked personalized ready-to-eat meals based on their diet delivered to their doorstep at the right time and no longer have to worry about what to eat.

We are now providing transformations.


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To give significant contribution to making the healthier and happier humankind around the world.


For fulfilling the organization's vision FITSHIELD is committed to working on the the mission which includes:

We’re committed to fulfilling the healthy goals of customers by providing innovative, reliable, and robust 360-degree (A-Z) solutions and services related to diet food.

We’re committed to providing the right and research-based nutritional diet food service solutions for improving specifically the dietary health condition of the patients to a large extent.

We’re committed to improving awareness related to ‘The impact of diet food’ to a the large extent in the world.

We’re committed to enhancing the value of stakeholders by creating a professionally caring culture for the continual flourishing growth of the world's footprints.

Ethical Values / Culture at Fitshield:

Customer Centricity environment

Focused and Result-based Solution

Fully Transparency to stakeholders

Integrity in operations and Teamwork

Respectful & professional caring culture

Pride for growth

Continuous Innovation

Welcome to


We’re building the Largest and strongest healthy community.

The world is changing. The way we eat, move and live is evolving.

There are so many influences on the way we live our lives and it can be difficult to navigate all of the information that’s around us. But there’s a huge opportunity in that complexity…

For the past few centuries, our environment has been shaped by what was easiest and most convenient for economic gain. But now we have a chance to create a world where what is best for each of us is also what is best for all of us.

As part of this movement, we want to challenge you to create your On vision for building a healthier world with us.

What does your ideal self look like?

How can you contribute more fully to society as a healthy human being?

What will your legacy be as healthiest one?



Let food be thy medicine, the medicine shall be thy food."- Hippocrates

Yes, we've seen ever brutal Era of Pandemic - Covid, it taught us the value of our health and wellness. Many of us lost our beloved family members in that period but it taught us the best lesson about IMMUNITY booster and it is results of healthy life style.

I've ever passed through Obesity and several medical issue at younger age, but being an engineer I always believe in Root cause analysis and Preventive actions for those concerns.

I personally lost my 28+kg weight with exercise and strict on diet meals and I found that Diet meals have significant contribution in my health and fitness.

For the India, Obesity, Diabetes And Cancer are considered as the biggest challenging in health line, Subsequently the cardio vascular diseases is No -1 cause of death in India. It is not just the talk of India but the exponential raise of Obesity and Diabetes is noted all among the developed country too.

The root cause of all the exponential raise is mainly attributed to lifestyle changes. We're the only people who can start thrive of FITINDIA mission by switching on to healthier lifestyle.

We need to care our healthy community partners, like Dietician, Nutritionist, Doctors, Nurses, Medical staff. They're constantly spreading awareness for important of healthy meal.

We have to support them and let's start it from you only, Join us in the mission of making India Fit and Healthier through Healthy food and lifestyle. Remember, It's always you v/s you!!!