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  • Creating a diet plan is a very important step in your journey to achieving your health goals.
  • Only Medical reports of your body are not enough to make a diet plan. Along with the medical analysis of your body to make a complete diet plan.
  • Daily routine, emotions, body structure, food habits, medical, history are the equivalent important to know while creating the perfect diet plan.
  • As we have decided to transform you completely, we have a very strong coach network available on our platform. You can meet your allocated coach physically as per schedule as well as you can connect virtually too to help you anytime.
  • As of now, many fitness platform says they are providing personalized dietician coaches, but still, they are only available digitally. FITSHIELD ECOSYSTEM enables you for Truly Personalized Diet coach in real manner by giving Phygital (Physical+ Digital) consultation-which makes FITSHIELD as the real Outstanding.


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