Full body Medical Check up :-

  • Your body is not such a simple machine.
  • It is a complex framework of several hormones controlling the whole functioning. There are lots of medical issues to be addressed.
  • Blind dieting without knowing the details of what is going on inside can lead from gaining weight to severe medical condition within few years. It becomes even more difficult to lose that time.
  • We aims to source their ingredients sustainably. This means that they try to source their ingredients locally, reduce waste, and support organic farming practices. By sourcing ingredients locally, they reduce the carbon emissions associated with transportation and support local economies.


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  • 2. Choose your appropriate Subscription plan.
  • Our 3.Executive will confirm your address details
  • 4. Professional Medical Team will collect samples from your location (Office/Home).
  • 5.Real Time Pickup and Drop off Tracking in FITSHIELD App.
  • 6.High Quality Testing at Certified Modern Laboratory
  • 7.Digital Report with detailed analytics visible in Application
  • Free Doctor consultation
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