Amanat Kagzi

Amanat Kagzi (Dietetics Advisor) Amanat Kagzi is one of the leading nutritionists in India. With an experience in clinical practice as well as in Sports Nutrition, her guidance and planning in the field of preventive health care has helped more than 5,000 patients to reap the benefits of non-drug therapy.

She completed her Bachelor in Medical Technology from Manipal University in 2008 then she elevated herself as certified dietician and sport nutritionist. She founded FITMANTRA- a diet clinic situated in Surat, Gujarat with a team of qualified dieticians, nutritionists and lifestyle coaches, serving personalized diet plans to the clients worldwide.

    • Professional Membership:

  • Member of International Health and Fitness Association
  • Member of Indian Dietetics Associations (IDA)
  • Member of Association of Diabetes Educators of India (ADE)
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Hobbies : Diving, Reading Book
Number : +91 9512662666
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